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Nuclear Consultancy & Operations Management

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We provide nuclear consulting services in the UK, building on more than 30 years' experience in the nuclear industry. Our services include nuclear consultancy, operations management, and professional business advice.

Working closely with a small group of SMEs, who are leaders and innovators in the field, we provide professional business advice and guidance to solve the recurring problems that so often impede safe, efficient and profitable delivery in the nuclear sector.

These solutions will accelerate your business performance, whether you're a small enterprise just starting out, a medium-sized organisation looking to scale up, an established major contractor, or an intelligent client inside the nuclear fence.

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 We solve problems, such as:

  • Commercial arrangements that do not satisfy both client and supplier, and are unnecessarily difficult to implement.
  • Poor design and change management.
  • The balance of risk - balancing risk reduction with implementation risk, including the choice of design and engineering standards.
  • Dealing with scant or absent re-construction information, and how to reflect this in schedules, estimates and associated contingency provisions.

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We provide solutions, including:

  • Planning to work on a nuclear licensed site considering both supplier and client needs and practices.
  • Handover of projects to the client.
  • Proactive provision and replacement of nuclear ‘savvy’ resources in a timely manner.
  • Creating a nuclear safety culture in the supply chain.
  • Social Impact plans and strategies.

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