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We're building this section of our website right now. It's where you'll find examples of our work, highlights of how we've helped clients just like you, and even some kind words from organisations whose performance is improved by working with us.

So do come back and have a look...and if you're here having worked with us in some capacity in the past, why not drop us a line and tell us about it? Thank you!



COMING SOON - case studies that show how we enhance and solve:

  • The balance of risk in solution selection (balancing risk reduction risk with the implementation risk) – including the choice of design and engineering standards.
  • Effective planning to work on a nuclear licensed site, considering supplier and client needs and practices.
  • Safety expectations and issues, such as a Nuclear Safety Culture in the supply chain.
  • Commercial arrangements that do not satisfy both client and supplier and are difficult to implement.



What Do Our Customers Say?

We’re proud of the value we add to our clients’ businesses with our professional business and operations advice, and we love to hear from the people we have helped.

Please get in touch if you'd be happy to share your experiences, whether in a short testimonial or perhaps even sharing your success and learning in a case study. 

We'll include some of these case studies in our blog, alongside our regular thoughts on the industry issues you should be thinking about for your business, and the opportunities that could benefit you.  

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It can be hard to identify areas of your business that require improvement, which means our services can prove invaluable in areas you didn’t expect, as well as areas you did. Have a read of some of our testimonials for a flavour of the kind of services we provide.