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When you're vying for those big nuclear contracts, a great deal is at stake and the right advice is vital. Our practical experience covers both client and supplier sides of the nuclear fence, working in both private and public sector, so we live and breathe the culture, pressures and expectations of both.

Because we know what the site license companies want, we can help you make sure you can deliver those needs - and that you demonstrate this in a bid that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

To help you get better results, we will:

  • Support your bid process, helping you create the most effective bid while providing insight into what the client really needs, defining critical success factors, and adding distinguishing ideas to increase your chances of success.
  • Advise you on the complications of implementing standard working practices in a highly regulated environment, and help you map them in a way to avoid error traps and optimise schedule performance.
  • Recommend the important client and supplier factors you need to consider in your cost and schedule proposals - such as the design process - to increase the predictability of your delivery.
  • Show you how to increase your social impact and maximise the overall value of your proposal. 
  • Help you develop and demonstrate a nuclear safety culture.

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