Last months Blog focussed on Design Management, its complexities and why attempting to schedule design in the same manner as construction is fraught with potential problems. I introduced Adept Management Limited and their product Flow which I believe would help anyone improve the Management of Design in complex projects.

This month I would like to focus on the ‘other end’ of a project, namely the handover to the client of a project that meets his requirements

How many experienced Project Managers (or clients for that matter) have been faced with the following situation? The required date for a new facility to go into operation is defined in the Functional Requirements. The construction sequence and critical path is planned and programmed. A bar is then added to the schedule from the end of construction to the operational date and is called ‘commissioning and handover to client’.

I might have exaggerated above to demonstrate a point, but the complexities and subtleties of pre operations and commissioning are often overlooked and seldom is the scope well enough defined or enough time allowed in the schedule for it to be effectively demonstrated. The result – a frustrated client. This is especially true if the project concerned is a complex nuclear project.

The solution, in my mind, is the early engagement of specialists in the field of pre operations and commissioning to ensure the right requirements for commissioning and pre operations are defined and adequate schedule provision is made for them. A leading player, and one I can personally recommend for the nuclear industry is Cumbria O&M Services (COMS)

COMS focus on operational outcome, setting success criteria and performance targets. Taking learning and feedback from operators and end users to inform design, they define commissioning, handover, and training to ensure fit for purpose solutions transition into operation smoothly. Their skilled pre-operational and commissioning resource commission equipment, people, and process, manage start up, and provide aftercare to support operational performance improvements. COMS deliver operational support for existing or new process to assess performance, provide early identification of emerging issues and deliver solutions to maximise operational availability.

Take a look at their website via the link below and see how they can add value to your pro