During my 30+ years in the Nuclear Industry I must admit I’ve struggled to deliver the design element of projects I have led to time and within budget. Fundamentally, I believe this has been down largely to me not really understanding how the design process works. This has led to me and my teams scheduling design as we would a construction activity, the resulting schedule capturing design deliverables and key reviews. As it happens this means only about 30% of the effort required to produce a design ends up on a schedule.

My new business is all about trying to drive efficiency into the industry, utilising the skills of SME’s where they offer solutions to problems that keep repeating themselves. Design Management is one such problem, and ADEPT Management Ltd are one such SME who offer a solution (FLOW) that I believe would help any organisation looking to improve the delivery of their design activities.

Please follow the link for more background and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to know more.


Dave Polkey 1st February 2022