Those of you who are familiar with the work of Mike Michalowicz (and any small business owner who isnt I suggest hes worth looking up) know he encourages any small business to document their reason for being via what he call their 'Prosperity Plan'. For interest and by way of introducing Dave Polkey Associates Ltd I include mine here. Im really interested in your views and comments so feel free to drop me a line.


Dave Polkey Associates Ltd Mission

The Purpose for Our Existence and Our Relentless Drive for Efficiency in the Nuclear Sector


Simplifying the Unnecessarily Complicated


The Nuclear Industry can be a daunting place to work. It is highly technical and the consequences of getting something wrong can be considerable. However, it is sometimes guilty of overcomplicating its systems and processes which impact on the ability of all to do things efficiently and cost effectively. It needn’t be this way, and so it is the goal of Dave Polkey Associates Ltd to work with the industry to strip out needless complication, drive innovation and ultimately make the industry a bastion for efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Dave Polkey Associates Ltd Destiny

What We Are Destined to Be


Dave Polkey Associates Ltd launches on the 1st January 2022. Its at this time that we expect to start to influence the way things happen in the Nuclear Industry.


Site Licence Companies and Governing bodies will be keen to work with us because they recognize that by engaging with us they can start to remove some unnecessary bureaucracy that has hindered efficient delivery for years and also that we provide a valuable link to smaller organisations that have the answers to problems that have dogged the industry for years.


Larger contractors will want to engage with us to understand how to approach working on a nuclear licenced site, what can and can’t be done in a way that works in the non-nuclear environment, and what SME’s have the solutions to problems they keep encountering. This will help improve performance on existing contracts and greatly enhance ‘win’ prospects for new tenders.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) will seek us out knowing that we have the connections and contacts to facilitate growth in the sector through the creation of beneficial partnerships and alliances. There turnover and profitability will increase as a direct result of working with us.


Dave Polkey Associates Ltd is destined to be the ‘word’ for enabling efficient and cost-effective delivery in the nuclear sector.





Dave Polkey Associates Ltd Area of Innovation

How We Do It


Dave Polkey Associates Ltd lead on pragmatism and simplifying the unnecessarily complicated. With a deep understanding of the sector the firm utilizes the experience of its MD together with an expertise of building partnerships and alliances with a select group of highly innovative SME’s a way can be found to deliver even the most complex of projects in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Dave Polkey Associates Ltd Immutable Laws

The Way We Do It


Give to Give – We get what we give.  We achieve our goals only if our partners achieve theirs. Our reward is their success. We only achieve our goals when we foster success in them.


No Negativity Allowed – We are driven by the fact that we are serving a higher purpose and doing good things for the sector.  We exploit laughter, fun & enjoyment, yet we do it at no one’s expense.  Our positivity is undeniable.  Our colleagues, our partners and our suppliers are all friends that we like and respect.  Not only this, but they are great at what they do and share common good values. Negativity is not allowed.


Earn It – For any collaboration/partnership success depends on mutual trust and respect. This is not a given and must be earned. We drive to demonstrate and earn this through our behaviours and actions and expect the same from our clients, partners and suppliers.


If You Don’t Mean It – Don’t Work With Us – We are driven to drive lasting change into the sector. We want to work with clients who share the same view and have a passion for making lasting change. We don’t want to work with those who just want a ‘tick in the box’ or are trying something because ‘its expected of them’.



Dave Polkey Associates Ltd Community

Who We Do It With and For


We partner with anyone who has a genuine desire to make operations in the Nuclear Sector more efficient and cost effective. These organisations will have ‘open minds’; will be prepared to challenge the established ways of doing business in the sector (including their own) and have a real appetite for cooperation and collaboration. These organisations may be the best in their fields, but they are always looking to improve.