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Welcome to Dave Polkey Associates

Simplifying the unnecessarily complicated

Why it's good you're here

Welcome to our website. We’re glad you’re here.

The fact you’re reading this suggests you have a big nuclear job to do. Perhaps you’re a leader on a nuclear licensed site, or you’re responsible for business development in the supply chain.

You need to deliver serious results – safely, quickly and effectively.

But it can be a daunting place, this industry of ours. It’s highly technical, its systems and processes are complex, and the consequences of getting things wrong are probably greater than in any other sector.

You need to keep people and assets safe, AND you need to get the best financial performance.

And you have to do all this under the watchful gaze of many different stakeholders: from investors to regulators, from government to local communities.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that many organisations fail to maximise their impact in this sector - despite the scale of the need and the size of the opportunity.

You’re here reading this because you want to be one of the success stories.

And we’re here to help you get the results you need.





What We Do For You

Quite simply, we help you achieve one (or more) of three big outcomes:

1. We enhance your reputation.

We help you pitch for projects in a way that not only looks good on paper but also accounts for the unique challenges of nuclear safety, so that your contract is sustainable without returning to your stakeholders for re-sanctioning.

2. We set you up for success.

We cut through unnecessary complexity to make briefs clearer, safer, and more efficient; solving problems before they arise so that you achieve better and faster performance improvements.

3. We help you make the connections you need for success.

We broker alliances between small businesses in the nuclear supply chain, so you get to punch at a much higher weight. Together, your commercial value is greater than the sum of the parts.



Call us now on 07946 702 222 to start the conversation about maximising your performance.


The nuclear services we support

With more than three decades of experience, at all levels within the industry including as an Operations Director, Dave Polkey Associates provides services for all types of nuclear enterprises. We help you get better results, from established contractors looking to optimise your delivery, to small businesses seeking a foothold in the industry.



 Nuclear Consultancy in Cockermouth and Cumbria worker with orange hard hat in nuclear plant environment


Performance Through Partnership

When it comes to safe and efficient performance in the nuclear sector,we know collaboration is the key to progress and success. That’s why, over the last 30 years, we've been making contacts throughout the industry - experts who are now ready to help and enhance your project. 

Our trusted partners are drawn from a small group of SMEs who are leaders and innovators in their chosen fields, with unique knowledge and depth of understanding. This portfolio of specialist support underpins the unique breadth, depth and impact of our nuclear consulting at Dave Polkey Associates.  

What Our Clients Say




Delivering expertise to the UK's Energy Coast

We offer highly expert consulting to the whole of the UK’s nuclear sector – both inside the fence with site licence companies, and outside the fence with the contracting companies in the supply chain. 

But we have a particular interest in, and deep knowledge of, the nuclear ecosystem in West Cumbria and the Energy Coast – and we extend that learning and expertise to the rest of the UK.

The UK’s nuclear legacy lives here, and the history of the site poses unique challenges and pioneering opportunities. What’s more, the role of the site in its local community means there are critical stakeholder requirements to consider.

Having worked extensively and at senior levels both at Sellafield and in tier 1 supply chain partners, we have real insight into these challenges and opportunities. We understand the hazard, the priorities and the potential pitfalls; we also know and understand the stakeholders, their pressures and their expectations. And we use that depth and breadth of knowledge to help you get better results.

Get in touch with us on 07946 702 222, to explore the ways in which this expertise will help you get better results.


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